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Mohammad Reza Aslani

Born on 1943 in Rasht

He has been graduating from the “Decorative Arts University” in painting.

Aslani has begun his professional carrier in cinema since 1967 by making a documentary named “The Hasanlou Cup” and then he continued his filmmaking activities by making “Ba Ejazeh”, “Chenin konand Hekayat”, “Tari Khaneh”, “Fahraj”, Mash Esmaeel”, “The Glass Heritage”, “The Child and Abuse”, and “The World’s Heart”. Then he directed a few feature films like “The Wind Chess”, “The Green Fire” and a few TV series like “Samak Ayyar”, “The Glass Dust”, “Mantegho Teyr”.

He has also written screenplays for feature films as “The Line”, “Soozanban”, “Toward the Silent City”, “Tangna”, “The Requiem”, “The Morning of the 4th Day”, and “The Stony Garden”.

He has three poetry books named: “The Benching Nights and the Wind Days”, “Bar Tafazole do Maghreb” and “A Requiem for the Forbidden Years”.

He has been involved in training for cinema and theatre faculties and writing film critics and thesis. Also he has been engaged in many film festivals as the jury member. Now he is the head of the management board of the “Iranian Documentarians Society”.


Marzieh Boroumand

Born on 1951 in Tehran

Graduated from the “Fine Arts Faculty” of the Tehran University, Boroumand is the first founder of children and young adult’s theatre in the “Children and Young Adult Intellectual Improvement Institute” in 1972 and played in some plays like: “Torob” , “Kouti Mouti”, “Shine Lady Sun”, “Shaparak Khanoum”, “The Event in the City of Dolls” etc …

She has been the first founder of a theatre group for children named “Emrouz Theatre Group” and has had a few roles in TV plays like: “Kolah va Shaalvare”, “Panbe dane”, “Kadoo ghelgheli & Div”, “Golbaran”, and “Baran Baran”.

Boroumand has been starting her activities in directing TV items and series for children since 1981such as “The School for Mice”, “The Grandmother’s House”, “The Tabeta Stories”, “Bialo The Singer in the Bolbol’s Land”, “The Adventures of Me and Mr.Tehrani”, “The Beautiful Barber Shop”, “Tehran11”, “The Hotel”, “Mr. Nikbakht’s Heritage”, “The Norouz Stories”, “The Pilgrim”, “Detective Shamsi and Her Assistant Madam”.

She has also directed a few puppet plays such as “Sara”, Zaal and Simorgh”.

Her feature films as a director are: “The City of Mice”, “Alo, Alo, I’m JooJoo”, and “The Sweet Jam”.


Tahmineh Milani

Born on 1960 in Tabriz

She has graduated from “The University of Science and Industry” in Architecture.

She was acquainted with the Iranian famous director Masoud Kimiayi-, so she worked in his office for 7 years that was a turning point in her life.

Then she has begun her carrier in the professional cinema as the script girl, production designing and editing assistant.

Her debut feature film as a director named “The Children of Divorce” and by directing her second feature film named “The Legend of Ahh” she participated in more than 30 film festivals and awarded by international events and critics.

Her feature films as a director are: “What Else New?”, “Kakado”, “Two Women”, “The Hidden Half”, “The Fifth Reaction”, “The Unwanted Woman”, “Cease Fire”, and “The Super Star”.


Kamal Tabrizi

Born on 1959 in Tehran

He has graduated from the Art University in cinema, and has begun his professional carrier in cinema since 1979.

Tabrizi’s directed films are:

Passing (1988), Dar Maslakhe Eshgh (1990), Hero Child (1993),

Leili Is with Me (1995), The Maternal Love (1997), Sheida (1998), Sometimes Look at the Sky (2002), The Wind Carpet (2002), The Lizard (2003), A Piece of Bread (2004), There Is Always A Woman Involved (2007)

He has wined many awards for his films from different film festivals and has been also involved as the jury member of many cinematic events.


Alireza Zarrindast

Born on 1945 in Tabriz

He used to be active in still photography and painting before he began his carrier in cinema as the director of photography. So he has been engaged as a photographer and the director of photography since 1970 who has photographed about 100 feature films since then.

His cinematic awards are:

Entitled as the “Best Photographer of the year” by the Iranian cinematic press and magazines in 1989, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2003 and 2005

The winner of the “Crystal Simorgh Award” and the Diploma of Honor from the 13th Fajr Film Festival for the photography of “Pari

The winner of the “Silver Cup” of “Harare International Film Festival” in Africa for the photography of “Khaneh Khalvat

The winner of “6th Cinema House Celebration” award and the Diploma of Honor for the photography of “Cinderella

The winner of “Golden Tablet” and the Diploma of Honor as the “Life Achievement Award” and photography of “Son of the Soil” from the 26th Fajr Film Festival

The winner of “12th Cinema House Celebration” award and the Diploma of Honor” for the photography of “Son of the Soil


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